We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of ACREOS simulators in USA and Canada. We provide simply the simulators with the best value on the market for the training of heavy equipment operators for construction, mining, and material handling.

ACREOS's simulators are more than state-of-the-art technological pieces of equipment that reproduce the behavior of real systems with a high level of fidelity, they also provide unique curriculum and pedagogy for each equipment that has been carefully crafted and developed by a team of industry partners, operators and professional trainers.

This is why ACREOS's simulators surpass all other options in giving you more technology, more pedagogy, more reliability, more scalability, and more flexibility, for your money.

With ACREOS, scalability and cost effectiveness are closely tied. The same single simulation platform can be retrofitted with the following simulation packs and up and running in minutes:

•  Tower Crane     
•  Mobile Crane
•  Forklift Truck
•  Motor Grader
•  Hydraulic Excavator
•  Articulated Wheel Loader
•  Backhoe Loader
•  Articulated Hauler
•  Rigid Dumper
•  Bulldozer
•  Mining Dumper
•  Mining Loader
•  Mining Shovel
•  more to come….

If you have had a bad experience with cheap PC based solutions that just do not help students learn the moves, or have considered simulation tools that were just too expensive, look no further and take a closer look at ACREOS simulation for your training needs. You will get the best value for your investment.