Electude has built its reputation on providing high quality online products to thousands of customers in over fifty nations. Today Electude introduces Classroom, our next step in bringing solutions designed specifically for you and your students. With Classroom we go beyond our core online solution to give you the tools you need each step of the way, form the classroom to the shop.
Classroom will cover all courses typically offered in today’s automotive programs. Beginning with MAST, Classroom will be created for each ASE Educational Foundation level including MAST, AST and MLR.
Your students are on a pathway that takes them from learning how the vehicle works, to diagnosing problems and making repairs, to practicing and proving what they learned, demonstrating mastery. Classroom meets your students’ needs all along the pathway:


   Before the course: safety
   During the course: e-learning course
   During the course:companion guide
   During the class in class: Kahoot!
   During the course in class: Simulator
   During the course in class: presentation tool
   Practice pre-lab: ConsuLab training aid
   In Lab: MotoLogic
   In Lab: Hayness AllAccess
   In lab: digital lab tasks
   Assessment tracking
   Instructor support: lesson plans