Edison allows you to drag and drop virtual objects like: accumulators, resistances, diodes, LEDs, transistors, logic gates, flip-flops and batteries, in order for you to conceive your own circuit on the virtual workbench. In real time, the software will create, using your 3D circuit drawings, the corresponding schematics.

Edison provides a unique environment for the acquisition of all the concepts of electricity and electronics. Electronics teachers and students are able to use all the components, a work plan, virtual instruments, sounds and animations, in order for them to conceive, test, troubleshoot and repair, securely, realistic 3D circuits. Edison contains more than 100 experiments and problems for the teachers and students to use.

Edison will be soon available in the cloud! You and your students will be able to access Edison from anywhere, anytime. Your students will access it from home and you'll be able to have them do their homework on the same software they're using at school.