Fronius Virtual Welder is a state of the art instructional tool that helps train welders faster and with safety in mind. Up and running within minutes, Virtual Welder allows for the students to learn the basic skills necessary to become a great welder. Virtual Welder training system speeds up the learning of fundamental welding movements by providing a realistic experience in a virtual reality environment, with noise, flashes and no fume. Students acquire the appropriate movement technics required to create the perfect weld.

The use of Virtual Welder is safe and economical. Steel plates, rods, gases, electricity and ventilation system are not consumed. Without those elements, students can learn on their own with the Virtual Welder feedback system, in a safe environment, since using Virtual Welder improves classroom safety as well since hazardous gases are eliminated and the potential for accidents is greatly reduced. Virtual Welder is not only a green training tool, but it’s a safe one as well. It allows teachers to save time and materials, all while improving the training program.

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