AutomationXpert is an interactive knowledgebase which allows the teaching of pneumatics, electricity, hydraulics as well as command systems. With its more than 1,100 pages, it is the most complete and the simplest to use Guide in the industry. Numerous options allow the teachers to create their own tutorial and print them for the benefit of their students.

It is much easier to teach concepts such as distributors and cylinders by integrating movement and animations. They enable the students to acquire a better understanding when compared to traditional teaching methods.

Using the configurator, you can customize learning scenarios to adapt the content to your curriculum requirements. Simulations is also at your fingertip allowing students to select components, build circuits and simulate them and prevent costly damages to your hardware.

AutomationXpert allows School Boards and Colleges to minimize their textbooks purchases, and students can use the equipment virtually, at a much lower cost for schools.