TINA - TINACloud is a complete electronics laboratory that you can use in your computer or on the Cloud to conceive, analyze and test circuits in real time. It contains a complete assortment of virtual instruments, as well as numerous powerful educational and analysis tools. Those tools allow teachers to assess student’s knowledge, to monitor processes and to initiate users to troubleshooting techniques.

An oscilloscope, a function generator, a multi-meter, a signal analyzer/Bode plotter, a network analyzer, a spectral analyzer, a logic analyzer, a digital signal generator and an XY recorder are virtually available. Furthermore, TINA allows you to analyze your electronic circuit by using more than 20 analysis functions, 10 highly sophisticated virtual analysis tools, and then to demonstrate the results directly within TINA’s different screens, or on virtual instruments, or again in an interactive mode in real time.

Students will find in TINA an easy to use high performance tool, and teachers will appreciate its educational functionality.